PiCam & OBS Integration (Low-Latency Streaming)

Overview So if you’ve read any of my Chew/PiCam guides (part 1, part 2 and part 3), you’ll know I’m pretty happy with the Chew/PiCam setup. Overall, it’s my goto option when attempting to stream (or record) when at a gig or out in the field. Powered by a nice steady power bank (Anker 20000mah) [ Read More … ]

Remote Recording Solution (Part 3) – PiCam!

A.K.A. How do I use this now??? Holy moly! You’ve made it to part three (the final stage) of the remote recording solution, PiCam! So you’ve followed Part 1 and bought all the parts you need and gotten them assembled. You’ve followed Part 2 and got all the software bits running that you need… So [ Read More … ]

Dreaded CPU/Audio spikes while DJing…

Earlier today, one of the Mixify community members brought to attention a  post on the Digital Dj Tips site as an “Over To You” where they ask the readers for input to a questions or problem. Below is the question: Digital DJ Masterclass owner Andrew says “I’ve recently been trying out mixify.com and have broadcast a couple of live [ Read More … ]

Hello Beautiful!

So I’m always window shopping new dj gear, not because I can afford it or anything, but because it’s fun to look at! Just looked into the DDJ-SZ that’s coming out… Daaaaaaaaamn. I have to say this is one of the nicest looking controllers hitting the market. If anyone has a couple thousand dollars they’re [ Read More … ]

Weirdness from the S2…

So about an hour or so ago I was reorganizing my music and doing some re-importing into Traktor since I killed my collection file. Everything was hooked up like normal with all my gear and about 3 minutes or so into a “Check Consistency” operation I started hearing this really loud buzzing and couldn’t figure [ Read More … ]