What is #MTD?

#MTD is a hashtag for my side-project/site http://makethem.dance. #MTD was an idea I’ve had for quite a while and just haven’t been able to garner the traction I want with it due to real life obligations. With dance music becoming more and more mainstream, the feeling of dance music community in general is getting lost and washed out. With #MTD I hope to rekindle at least a spark of the community.

One of the reasons I love dance music is the ability to unite people from all cultures and lifestyles with the music. PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) seems to be a fading trend as dance music gets more and more mainstream and the onslaught of younger generations who know nothing of the mantra.

Aside from the loss of the feeling of community, more and more sites, blogs, and other things spring up where people appear to be cookie-cutter and simply reposting the same stories as each other. One hope I have, is that eventually I’ll have enough people working with me on this project to share new, fresh content from those who are in the community. Not just about new music releases, but interviews with key figures or artists, clothing trends and styles, editorials, and simply a method to share the love for the community that I’ve enjoyed for so long.

So please, make sure to bookmark the new site and be prepared… while the site itself is in its infancy, it WILL continue to grow and become a stronger influence in the communtiy.

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