So This Happened… (Lol @Soundcloud)

I woke up to this in my email box this morning: Yes, they took down my own track. Lol @Soundcloud Things like this are why people are bailing on Soundcloud and it’s in so much trouble as a company. Sorry to anyone who was looking for the track. I’ve put in a dispute, just have to […]

Alternative service to Soundcloud!

So I’ve been back and forth about what to do with the decline of Soundcloud. For my mixes, Mixcloud is considered the “goto” replacement with Soundcloud’s aggressive flagging of mixes these days. But, in my ever-constant need for running on better tech, I am always on the lookout for new sites to work through. Queue […]

Monday Movers Vol. 2

Monday Movers is a new podcast I’m launching bringing fresh new tracks and great remixes that you can listen to all week long! Let the Monday Movers Podcast keep you moving and grooving all throughout the week and keep the vibe strong! Monday Movers Vol. 2 by Mikey Malone on Mixcloud

Share your podcasts & mixes with a new audience!

Here at #MTD we like to have fun and feel good! We want to share those vibes with everyone and have started a new podcast to run Fridays on #MTDRadio! So far, we have had #MTD founder Mikey Malone kick things off with his unique blend of house, deep house, dutch house, progressive & electro hits […]

“What happened to your Soundcloud mixes?”

So, I’ve been asked a couple times now, “What happened to your Soundcloud mixes?” The answer is simple: I took them down. Soundcloud is a great platform for sharing created content (usually), but not such a great platform for a dj to share their mixes/podcasts. With the increasing repetition of the Soundcloud engine blocking uploads […]