Have you ever been listening to a Chew.TV stream while lying in bed with your favorite device and thought, “Man… the screen is just so bright!” Well… apparently you’re not alone. Today, a few people were discussing whether this would be an awesome idea or not and the conclusion was… yes. Yes it would be.

So here we go. While Chew.TV could, and may, implement their own dark theme, I’ve created one that doesn’t detract from the overall Chew.TV theme. Simply some color CSS changes etc. You must be asking yourself, “How do I use this awesome new theme?” Well I’ll tell you.

Step 1: Install Stylish Add-on

Stylish is an addon for Firefox & Chrome that lets the user create/install/share themes for their favorite websites. So choose which browser you want and load it up. Note: You will have to restart your browser after install for it to take effect.

Stylish for FirefoxStylish for Chrome

You should see a shiny new “S” icon in your browser extensions area. When stylish is inactive, it will have be a white icon, when Stylish is active on a page, it will be multicolor. Examples:

Stylish - Active
Stylish – Active
Stylish - Inactive
Stylish – Inactive

Step 2: Install my Chew.tv Night/Dark Theme

Installing userstyles is simple as can be. Head over to userstyles.org and install my script from there via the “Install Style” button.


Step 3: ???!!

Ok, so there are no other steps. Simply browse around on Chew and you should notice a sleek dark interface. I tried to hit all the pages, however I may have missed a page or an interface. When you want to go back to the default theme, click the stylish icon and you should be presented with a menu that looks similar to this. Simply click the theme to disable it.


Step 4: Donate if you want!

So, just like all my other tools, I provide this free to you. If you find it useful, or want to request specific changes, or even new projects, donate to motivate me πŸ˜‰

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