So in the old days of Mixify, there was a hype function. It was client-side scripting that sent to server for sheer cosmetic effect and a way for the listener to show appreciation to the dj. As we’re all aware, Mixify is no more (acquired by

I was approached by someone to create an auto-hype for The Konduit, and here we are. Same steps as before so I’ll keep this post brief.


This will work in multiple rooms at the same time. So yes, if you have multiple rooms open in different tabs, you will be hyping in each room separately.

This will not pull your focus away from the chat input so you won’t be interrupted while typing (like when you use iMacro, etc). So chat it up with the other listeners and have a party!

This will hype no matter which room you are in. If you want it to work only in a certain person’s room you’ll need to edit the @include. If it’s not entirely apparent, feel free to ask in the comments here and I’ll help you.


Step 1:

If you have Firefox go install Greasemonkey here!

If you have Chrome or Opera Next, go install Tampermonkey from here!

Step 2:

Once you have installed one of the above (or both if you use Chrome & Firefox), you’ll need to go install the script I created. To do so just head on over to and install the script. There’s a green button that says install, click it! 😉

Step 3:

Sit back and enjoy the music on The Konduit and let the script do the hyping for you!



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