So as you know, I’ve been dabbling lately with music production (Indian Summer, Steel Dreams). I found myself in a weird predicament though a few weeks ago. I was putting chords for a melody, and after a while of tinkering and listening to playback, it began to dawn on me that the chords sounded familiar. It really bugged me, so much so that I turned to Facebook to have others help me. Nobody knew the melody but everyone agreed that it sounded familiar. Here’s the piece I was working on:

Well after a bit of brain wracking, I realized that it was just a similar chord progression to an older Flo Rida tune:

While it ended up being a similar progression it wasn’t a duplication, etc. However, I’ve been scared to touch any music production lately. Like I’ll think of a melody or something in my head, and then end up second guessing myself. Tell myself that I probably heard it somewhere before, etc etc.

I can’t figure out how to handle this. I enjoy listening to dance music. I enjoy mucking around producing things as well. But I can’t figure out how I can be at ease producing when I listen to so much dance music. I’m super worried that one day I’ll put down a track and not realize that it’s something I heard before elsewhere…

Any suggestions from y’all? Comment up!

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