So I’ve been back and forth about what to do with the decline of Soundcloud. For my mixes, Mixcloud is considered the “goto” replacement with Soundcloud’s aggressive flagging of mixes these days.

But, in my ever-constant need for running on better tech, I am always on the lookout for new sites to work through. Queue my latest find: HearThis.At (Shameless profile link included.)


I had checked out HearThis.At a few months back but did not want to re-upload every one of my mixes and tracks to the site. Enter import technology. Recently (some of it is still in beta), HearThis.At has added methods to import your tracks and mixes from various services.


HearThis.At allows you to create a completely free account and upload your tracks and mixes. Free accounts see advertisements on the site. Upload as much as you want with very few limitations. Uploads are MP3 only. Uploads are allowed until your tracks played reaches 10,000 or downloads reaches 5,000. For the average user that should be plenty. But let’s say you make an awesome remix and you suddenly start getting a ton of plays? Then what?

Enter Pro & Premium.


The costs for Premium are definitely worth it in my opinion.

Now let’s take this a step further for you independent artists and djs out there. You’ve got AWESOME music that you want to share. You want to sell your awesome new music but aren’t signed to a label. Getting listed on sites like Beatport, etc can be a pain in the rear.

HearThis.At has also made it possible for you to take control of this aspect of your business. Enter HearThis.At/Official.

Artists, producers, and labels can sign up to become Official on HearThis.At and sell their tracks. Money is sent from the purchaser directly to your paypal on purchase. No need to wait for $X amount before payouts and the like. So how does HearThis.At make money? To be honest, they explain it best:

As you sell on, we track it, and every tenth sale goes to Example. You sell one track for 1 Euro. 1 Euro of that sale would go straight to you, but your sales count would now be 1. Then you sell another Track for 1 Euro. Again 1 Euro of that sale would again go straight to you, and your sales count would now be 1. As more orders come in, the payments continue to go to you and your sales count continues to grow by 1 of each sale. Upon the sale of your tenth track, your sales count would have 10, so that 1 Euro sale, and only that sale, would go to


What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Tell them Mikey Malone and MakeThem.Dance sent you 😉

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