“What happened to your Soundcloud mixes?”

So, I’ve been asked a couple times now, “What happened to your Soundcloud mixes?”

The answer is simple: I took them down.

Soundcloud is a great platform for sharing created content (usually), but not such a great platform for a dj to share their mixes/podcasts. With the increasing repetition of the Soundcloud engine blocking uploads of mixes based on song clips in the podcasts, it was inevitable that it was time to move those to another service. Enter Mixcloud.

As you can see through the last few posts, I’ve been uploading my mixes to Mixcloud for a while. In fact, if you look at my Mixcloud profile you’ll see that while I’ve been uploading mixes to Soundcloud, I’ve been uploading them to Mixcloud as well. My oldest mix up on Mixcloud is from two years ago. So why would I double up the upload work? While Soundcloud has been the popular choice for a long time, it’s long had troubles with copyright claims etc making it difficult for djs and podcasters to share their work. Mixcloud is a legal platform to upload mixes and podcasts to, and is licensed for such publications. On top of that, I’ve always liked the interface of Mixcloud better, as it displays the tracklist info while the mix is playing keeping the listener informed. Even though Mixcloud is legal, and has a superior interface, it’s still not as popular as Soundcloud though it is gaining traction.

So, moving forward, all mixes, podcasts, etc will be on Mixcloud, and then remixes, mashups, original tracks will be on soundcloud. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


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