Sometimes going backwards is a good thing. Like if you step too close to a ledge. However, when you’re talking about trying to get healthy, it’s disappointing.

Feeling pretty cruddy that I let myself slip backwards over the last week or so. I literally feel like garbage. It is crazy how I can tell that I put weight back on. Sure enough, I stepped on the scale and boom… back to square one.

There’s not really anyone to blame for it except myself.

I haven’t been on my exercise bike in over a week. I just keep getting distracted with “stuff”. Not anything important either. I’ve got to find something to help keep me organized and on track. Gotta get a whiteboard to write stuff on… maybe create a calendar of “healthy duties”. I say duties instead of chores because chores people skip out on.

I’m gonna create some motivational posters (not demotivational :P) and see if those help.

Mentally, however, I’ve been doing excellent. I’ve found it so much easier to have a positive mentality lately. I’m not really sure why it’s coming so easy, but it is.

Going to keep this pretty short today… Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow.


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