Alright, so don’t get me wrong. I know a good chunk of this is water weight, however the fact that I’m seeing results is a good thing. For a short while there I was climbing and that is definitely no bueno!

General Thoughts:

So after my last weigh-in I continued to climb. It was because I had made some SERIOUSLY bad choices. I was up at 356. That needed to change, immediately! While I’m still eating normal foods and not going full-on juice like I was thinking about.  I am substituting juice in for a meal every other day or so. It’s not that I don’t like juicing, I actually really like it! It is just more expensive than I anticipated. I still plan on doing a 7-day juice fast within the next few weeks somewhere…


So I bought my new Marcy ME-709 bike from Walmart. Aside from the shipping delay of two days, I’m quite pleased with the bike! It is definitely a lot more quite than I expected it to be!



Originally I intended to put the bike downstairs in “The Cave” so I could listen to music and watch tv etc, but I’m so rarely down there that I knew that would be a waste. So I set it up in my computer room/studio office. If it was downstairs it would be “out of sight out of mind”, so I knew I needed to have it upstairs somewhere.

Putting the bike together was a breeze. The instructions were simple, all parts were included, and it even came with assembly tools. And again, the bike is dang near silent, something I didn’t expect.

After dabbling with it for the last week or two, I finally set down to put in a solid ride. 30 minutes of non-stop use.

The bike was smooth and had no issues at all! Thoroughly happy with my purchase of this bike and look forward to many more hours and miles behind me!


Ok, so at my peak a few weeks ago I weighted in at a whopping 356.3 pounds… Today, weighing in prior to dinner I weighed in at 343.6 pounds. As I said before, I know a good chunk of that is water weight. However, it’s still a step in the right direction!

I guess that will about do it for now!

Thank you to all those who’ve supported me so far! Even if it’s just a small word of encouragement from time to time, you have no idea how much it helps to motivate me!

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