Still not here!

Soooo, the bike still has not arrived yet. 🙁

When I first ordered it, it said it would be here today, now FedEx is showing delivery for Thursday.

I didn’t do measurements this weekend, but I did weigh in… I don’t think I’m  eating enough so my metabolism is in starvation mode. I need to start eating more throughout the day. Combine that with the fact that when I do eat, I’m eating smaller portions than usual, and tada! Fatty.

Weight: 352.6

One thing that’s most frustrating about trying to be healthy and losing weight. Everyone wants you to try some diet or supplement. And guess what, they sell it!

I’m not looking for a magic diet or magic supplement. I’m looking for a method to be healthy in my life without having to rely on anyone or any “thing”. I’m trying to correct my diet and my lifestyle to live healthy, not simply lose weight.

Also, someone mentioned yoga would be a good start for me. Some basic yoga poses, planking, etc.  Wish I could remember everything they told me. I should have written it down somewhere. I thought I had it saved on my computer but can’t seem to locate it. Figures.

Overall, I’m still in a great mood, just a bit frustrated that things aren’t clicking as quickly as I’d like.

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