Starting over….

So for those of you who know me personally, you can understand why I used to have the moniker “that1fatguy”. I’m not sure why I started using it, I mean…. I guess I know. It was a light-hearted attempt at self-motivation. However, what it turned in to was an identity that was more harmful than healthy.

I thought about starting another blog for this, but this is me. This affects all aspects of me, including my dj personality. And instead of creating yet another blog, with yet another domain, and have any of my friends, family, and supporters have to go to yet another site, I decided to add this little section here.

So, I’m starting over. I have been preparing myself mentally for this journey for a few weeks now. A few weeks ago, I was feeling super blah. I decided I’d go buy something and ended up buying a new pair of jeans and a new belt. Imagine the shock when I got home and the jeans didn’t fit, and the belt only barely fits. Talk about a blow to the ego….

I’ve always been a bigger guy. I feel and look really healthy at about 200 lbs… when I stepped onto the scale and saw 3… 5… 0… I about cried. No really, I about cried. I didn’t though, cause I’m a man, and fuck that shit.

However, it did light a fire under my ass to start planning my road to recovery. Food can be an addiction, much like any other addiction. And much like any addiction to drugs, addiction to food (suuuuuugar) can be just as deadly.

So, what can you expect here? I’m trying to be healthier, and I need support. Obviously I’ve failed at doing this on my own. I’m going to do weigh-ins on Sundays (most likely in the evenings). I’m going to write about when I fail at making a healthy choice, but more than that I’m going to write about when I succeed at making healthy choices. I’m not on a pity-party soapbox, I’m on a “I need to get healthy before I die” soapbox.

I’m going to aim for one post a day, though the bare minimum will be two health-related posts a week. I’m not talking about “Oh hey check out this link!” I’m talking about nitty-gritty feelings, results, changes, mental health, and physical health related posts.

So, this begins my journey. Please don’t try to sink my ship, and feel free to join me on my journey! Comments and support are extremely helpful! You have no idea how good it feels to know that someone out there, even if they’re not in your close vicinity, is supporting you…

Here goes.

Current Weight: 350 pounds… Ugh….

Goal Weight: 220 pounds.  That’s a long damn ways off.

Food Methods: Healthier eating, more fruits & vegetables, juices, salads. Smaller portions.

Exercise Methods: I’ve yet to figure this out… but I’m thinking I need to start working on flexibility and stamina, and then light cardio (walking).

Tracking: I’ll be tracking my food/exercise on either Calorie Count or MyFitnessPal (not sure which yet), but will weigh-in on Sundays, and I’ll post measurements the first Sunday of every month (except this month, which will happen this Sunday).

Yup… that’ll just about do it I suppose.

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