Bassic Instincts Volume 2

It’s time for “Bassic Instincts” Volume 2! Yours truly mixes a blend of bass-centric music to vibrate your aural pleasure sensors! Recorded and mixed live on

Prepare to vibrate.

Note: Apologies for the minor flub up on the first transition… forgot to reset my effects 😉

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1 Undercover Eddzaa Remix By Zara Larsson
2 The Corner Of Her Eye (EvenS Remix) By Stumbleine
3 Cheyah (CloZee Remix) By Mr Bill
4 The End By Sqz Me
5 Crystal Mathematics (Instrumental Mix) By Au
6 Come and Get it (Razihel Remix) By Krewella
7 Stop The Rain (Original Mix) By Rocket Pimp Feat. Marie L
8 Red Lips (Original Mix) By Deorro feat. Pasha
9 Bo Peep (Do U Right) By Shlohmo ft. Jeremih
10 Sweet Disposition (Yinyues Remix) By Temper Trap
11 Fade (Club VIP) By Jakwob ft. Maiday
12 Idk By VoidDS
13 Make Me Feel (Slashlove & Showtime Remix) By Ilani
14 Hawok (Original Mix) By Funkin Matt
15 Take You Higher (jakwob Remix) By Wilkinson
16 “Collapse” By Alizzz
17 Ground Control By Rygby
18 Rivet VIPBy DJG
19 Summer Rain By 2000f
20 Sierra Leone (Araabmuzik remix) By Mt. Eden, Freshly Ground
21 Reason to Forgive (T-Mass Remix) By Kirsty Hawkshaw
22 Ghost (Razihel Remix) By Benny Benassi & Pink Is Punk Feat. Bright Lights
23 Weird (Original Mix) By Razat
24 Apollo (Psychic Type Remix) By Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd
25 Path of the Umbra By Tut Tut Child
26 Push It (Kairo Kingdom Remix) By Yves Larock
27 Da funk (claw VIP) By Daft Punk
28 Fuck Off (Inst1nctive Remix)By Marc Remillard
29 Candy in my drink By Ash Catch’e m
30 Most WantedBy Beat The Beast
31 Miss Chang (Tha Trickaz remix)By Chinese Man
32 Smash that vipBy Benton & N Type Feat Jendor
33 Da GhettoBy I.Y.F.F.E & ClarK
34 Bass CheckBy Skuvlow
35 We Gotta Rage (Jarvis (UK) Remix)By Fine Touch & Maurizio Inzaghi ft. Jonny Rose
36 Sail (Liquid Stranger Bootleg)By Awolnation
37 ‘Judgement Day’By Niko The Kid feat Anna Yvet te
38 Like Money (Invader! Remix)By Wonder Gir ls
39 King CobraBy Squidthief
40 Cyanite (Original Mix)By Demon
41 Can We Survive (Original Mix)By SirensCeol Feat. Brenton Mattheus
42 Out Of My Mind (Case & Point Remix)By Bingo Players
43 HotboxBy Mowy Wowy
44 When You Get That Feeling (Original Mix)By Future Echo
45 The Secret ft. Stan SB (Original Mix)By Candyland
46 Here To Stay (Portanexus Remix)By Zomboy feat. Lady Chann
47 Hooligans By Sqz Me
48 Coming Home (Original mix). By SirensCeol
49 Air Guitar (Terravita Bootleg) By Afrojack
50 Burnout Eyes By OoOOo
51 Love Has Gone (Other Echoes Remix) By Netsky
52 Burst [The Frim’s VIP] By Skrillex, 12th Planet, Kill The Noise
53 Alive (Ennui Remix) By Krewella
54 Stay awake (Original mix) By Madeon feat. Ellie Goulding

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