So about an hour or so ago I was reorganizing my music and doing some re-importing into Traktor since I killed my collection file. Everything was hooked up like normal with all my gear and about 3 minutes or so into a “Check Consistency” operation I started hearing this really loud buzzing and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from!

I turned my speakers off (Bose 2.1 speakers) and still heard it. Checked out in the living room and the sound was definitely coming from my room. Eventually I figured out it was a buzz coming from my headphones. Turned off the Kontrol S2, and turned it back on and it was still there.

I wouldn’t get buzz if I turned my Cue Mix dial all the way over to live, I would actually hear music. However, if I had it turned to anything other than full live mix, I had a buzz and no sound.

Turned off the Kontrol, turned it back on. Unplugged everything from it, plugged it back in. Same thing. I began freaking out hard core at this point. On a thought, I closed Traktor, reopenned it, and voila. Everything is golden now.

Talk about a heart attack.


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